Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thursdays Craft and Chat

Welcome to my first Thursday Craft and Chat.
Today I am going to be using two Martha Stewarts
Butterfly punches. I am using her single butterfly and 
the fabulous butterfly border. I truly love them and I 
hope that you find my explanation of these two punches helpful.
The single punch is fairly clear on how to use it, so I am going
to focus on the butterfly edge. This punch cuts out a strip of butterflies,
it does not just punch the edge of your card as you will see in the next set of photos.
As you can see this punch has wing that extend out with matching
designs on each side, so it make it easy to match up your pattern
so that it comes out perfect each time.
Here you can see the process of cutting out the strip and how it totally
cuts it away from the paper. On the wing  of each side you match the cut
strip with the smaller butterfly like I have done here to get that next cut.
And here are the finished products. These punches are so precise that if you
follow the design you will get a perfect cut everytime.  So now it is time
for the finished product, my card,
I hope this has been helpful. I love the effect that these punches can offer


  1. Wonderful job incorporating the butterflues. So pretty. Just love MS.
    Loving Scrapper101

  2. I love MS punches. I don't have this one yet, but it is looking like I may need to make a trip to the store LOL.



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